Five years ago, Smarter Click began as a small team with a big ambition: three friends set on changing the customer success landscape in a positive, measurable way. Today, we’re a close knit team of 25 who are even more focused on creating change in this industry; so much so, that we’re going boldly where no one has gone before…

Over the past 90 days, we’ve been conducting research with a key high street retailer; and we found that 25% of the 85,000 code attempts made on their website were invalid. With users only trying an average of 1.2 codes per shopping session, the opportunity for conversion is limited and valuable customers are being lost in the fake code quagmire.


“It won’t surprise you to learn that valid voucher codes convert five times more than non-working codes. Invalid codes are frustrating for consumers and damaging to brands – and we’re here to put a stop to it.”

Ennis Al-Saiegh, CEO

Statistics show that the average conversion rate of a working code is 54.6% compared to a mere 14.1% for a non-working one. To put that into numbers, removing invalid codes and making way for working ones could result in an additional £250,000 per quarter – £1 million a year – in incremental revenue for retailers.

Our sophisticated tool allows you to view all attempted codes, valid or otherwise, made on your website; as well as their subsequent conversion rates.

Smarter Codes is then able to show the traffic sources for each one, helping you identify those publishers sending traffic from invalid or fake codes, along with the revenue you are losing in paying commission for them.R

From there, the platform gives you the ability to fix invalid codes and dramatically increase conversion rates.

Stopping unjust commission payments

By identifying bad practices with partners who promote invalid codes and benefit from last click cookie attribution, this technology gives our clients big cost savings by stopping unjust commission payments.

Solidifying Revenue Streams

Giving retailers control over this lucrative ‘wild west’ will not only solidify these revenue streams, but drive deeper brand engagement and loyalty with core customer bases.

Leading the Charge for Customer Success

We’re proud to be the first company internationally to offer this service and insight to retailers; leading the charge for customer success and changing the landscape of eCommerce for both businesses and consumers.

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