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Fashion retailers using
Fashion retailers are using to increase online conversions.
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We helped fashion retailers Dorothy Perkins increase their conversion rates. Using their EURO customer base as a test platform we proved our technology works to help focus on specific customer groups using targeted messaging.
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Using seasonal imagery and A/B testing we enabled fashion retailers Joy bounce back after a re-brand and increase the value of their customer base.
We helped footwear retailers Hudson London focus their increasing international customer base and increase acquisition value whilst reinforcing their strong brand identity. and Dorothy Perkins

How We Helped Increase Online Sales up to 15% In Less Than a Year


  • Restricted access to the main UK website from a resource point of view
  • Management wanting to prove technology on international site before UK test
  • Aim to improve traffic dropout rates across the EURO domain


  • Run a series of campaigns during the Christmas build up period across the EURO website in multiple languages accordingly
  • Target specific categories and pages with strong relevant offers
  • Setup campaigns on desktop, mobile and tablet

The Results:


Conversion rate

Incremental Revenue (£)


Offer Enagement

Additional Orders


“ always manage to go the extra mile with our campaigns, which typically require incredibly tight turnaround times. They are incredibly agile, and will always find a way to overcome any obstacles with our in-house site tech.”

Luke Schönenberger, eCommerce Manager, Benefit Costmetics