case study

Black Friday Campaigns have successfully created various campaigns for Black Friday to help optimise sales revenues over this lucrative period of online sales.

Introduction have helped over 100 sites to optimise the huge amounts of traffic they see over the Black Friday period. Taking this traffic and converting it into actual customers is what we are all about…

Black Friday Case Study 1

We saw strong returns in Revenue and Sales at +2,000 and +£190k respectively.

AOV on desktop was +£111 and whereas touchscreen was +£92 (+£95 overall AOV).

This meant that AOV was +17% higher on desktop following the industry wide trend that suggests users are still more comfortable making higher value purchases on desktop vs touchscreen.

Engagement was +7.4%, +1.4% higher than sector average which is a testament to strong, clean cut creatives.

The Results:

Revenue (£k)