37% Average Conversion rate increase

Machine learning

Supercharge your conversion rate


intent.ly’s groundbreaking propensity to purchase model is an industry-leading technology that ensures our clients rescue more sessions and convert more customers.

The model predicts whether a visiting user is either window shopping (a clicker) or showing strong purchase intent (a buyer).

Impressively, only three site interactions from the session are enough for this powerful model to identify the customer as a clicker or a buyer. In just a few more interactions, the accuracy rating of the prediction increases to around 95%. 

Working with intent.ly’s Machine Learning technology means that when your customers show exit intent, we present separate and tailored messages to your clickers and buyers. Targeted messaging shifts individuals in each group back into a purchasing mindset more effectively than any other engagement message.


Drive incremental conversions

Reduce leakage

Improve margins

“Recommind” (clicker)

The buzzword in site conversion and optimisation! intent.ly Machine Learning campaigns ensure you engage customers, who are showing exit intent with effective messaging and pertinent product recommendations, to complete their purchases.  

For customers showing low levels of purchase intent, intent.ly’s Machine Learning campaigns will typically “recommind” the user about original items they showed the greatest interest in at the start of their session. This behavioural technique is aimed towards users who arrive at your store with initial intent on a product, category or brand, but get distracted and become a window shopper – customer engagement at its very best.



Reinforce (buyer)

When customers leave your website without completing their intended transaction, you are betting the bank that they will find their way back to you without any assistance.

Are you comfortable with this high-risk strategy?

Or, would you prefer to have intent.ly’s Machine Learning campaigns showing tailored messaging that compliments the strong buying behaviour already demonstrated by your customer? The intent.ly Machine Learning campaigns reinforce your key USPs and ensure you are making every effort to convert each customer.

The science:




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We have award-winning technology

"One game changer when working with intent.ly is their ability to build bespoke products that fit the client’s goals and objectives. This is not a set and forget solution! The team at intent.ly are always looking for ways to increase onsite performance and aren’t happy to rest on their laurels."

Alexander Randall, Rakuten AU

"The ability to serve the right campaign, to the right user at the right time through the granularity and advanced targeting of the tech is second to none and we very much look forward to continued success."

Annalie McCann, Superdrug

"The intent.ly team is a joy to work with - the technology that they're able to offer brands is wonderful! The integration is seamless and being able to capture the revenue in an unobtrusive way is perfect! The clients I've launched have been very happy and I recommend intent.ly to new clients as a top tech partner to work with!"
Kristine Hall, OAK Digital

"By engaging our savings message and offers to users who show exit intent, we find more users are convinced to remain on site, and by directing users who engage with the overlays to a relevant landing page, we are more likely to convert what would have otherwise been lost leads."
Jessica Brown, Sandals

"Not only did intent.ly help us achieve a phenomenal uplift in orders, but the personalised activity was able to more than help accomplish our trading objectives."
Andrew Barratt, Dixons Carphone

"intent.ly are now active across all of our territories and continue to innovate with us, working towards our ultimate end goal; increasing the conversion rate of our users."
Ben van Pelt, Feel Unique